Curve Point Distribution by Simpson Rule

C++.  This project is still going on; it needs for some improvements. Its purpose is to equally distribute desired number of points on a curve. To do that, I applied Simpson rule by  sweeping small […]

Latitude Point Distribution

C++. This is for symmetrical distribution of points in each latitude on a sphere. As an input, different number of points for each latitude can be assigned. Top and bottom coordinates, of course, are the […]

Deepest Pit

C++. This is a question from Codility. Question: A non-empty zero-indexed array A consisting of N integers is given. A pit in this array is any triplet of integers (P, Q, R) such that: 0 ≤ P < […]

Interactive Multi-State (Audio Engine)

C++.  I wrote this  audio engine with FMOD low level API.  I will improve its features by reducing bottlenecks later on. Its play state algorithm in the interactive music class is an open nested loop […]

Playing From Resource (Visual Studio)

C++. If needed to play audio files from resource in Visual Studio (not to directly provide audio files), process would be a little bit different.  When upload files to resource, firstly you create .rc file, […]

Top Cut of Convex Hull

C++. I developed an algorithm based on “three penny algorithm” to find the top cut of a convex hull for dense circle shaped data. It takes the most left point as an entry point like Jarvis’s […]

Totient Function

C++. This is the Problem 69 from Project Euler. Question: Euler’s Totient function, φ(n) [sometimes called the phi function], is used to determine the number of numbers less than n which are relatively prime to n. […]

Melody Analyser (slow single line)

Matlab. I developed a melody analyser that detects frequencies with their attack time. It only works with slow passages in which the notes are separable from each other. I wrote its algorithms by taking reference […]

Smoothing Power Spectral Density

Matlab. Having influenced by signal smoothing algorithms like moving average algorithm, I experimentally developed a smoothing algorithm for total of power spectral density. My purpose was to smooth delusive sharp variations in the graph so […]

Pell Equation

C++. This is the Problem 66 from Project Euler. Question: Consider quadratic Diophantine equations of the form:  x2 – Dy2 = 1 For example, when D=13, the minimal solution in x is 6492 – 13×1802 = 1. It can be assumed that there are […]

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