Local Extremas and Nesterov Accelerated Gradient

Python. To find a global minimum for a selected function, I compared brute force sweeping with Nesterov Accelerated Gradient (NAG)optimisation technique. By applying a small deltaX increments, I obtained local extremas in the range of […]

Arc Length by Simpson’s Rule

C++. I applied Simpson’s rule to the integral in the Arc length formula to get an approximate length of a quadratic equation curve. To do that, I applied Simpson rule by  sweeping small increments on […]

Curve Point Distribution

Python.  This implementation’s purpose is to distribute a desired number of points on the curve by equal path distance to each other. To do that, I applied an adaptable unit length strategy while trying to […]

Second Order Butterworth Filter

Python. To grasp its fundamentals, I implemented the second order Butterworth filter for 500 Hz cutoff frequency by calculating its coefficients (pen and paper). Of course, it is so easy to use scipy butter function […]

Experimental Schroeder Reverb

Python. It is an experimental Schroeder reverberator implementation. I applied three combo filters and then two all pass filters without any buffer. Reverb tail was added to the end of input signal in a simple […]

Recursive Moving Average Filter

Python. I implemented the recursive moving point average filter to clean background noise of test some audio files. It basically works in time domain. That’s way, it is more faster than FFT algorithms when we […]

Latitude Point Distribution

C++. This is for symmetrical distribution of points in each latitude on a sphere. As an input, different number of points for each latitude can be assigned. Top and bottom coordinates, of course, are the […]

Top Cut of Convex Hull

C++. I developed an algorithm based on “three penny algorithm” to find the top cut of a convex hull for dense circle shaped data. It takes the most left point as an entry point like Jarvis’s […]

Deepest Pit

C++. This is a question from Codility. Question: A non-empty zero-indexed array A consisting of N integers is given. A pit in this array is any triplet of integers (P, Q, R) such that: 0 ≤ P < […]

Interactive Multi-State (Audio Engine)

C++.  I wrote this  audio engine with FMOD API.  Its play state algorithm in the interactive music class is an open nested loop system in which its update function is continuously called. It uses two […]

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