Interactive Multi-State (Audio Engine)

C++.  I wrote this  audio engine with FMOD low level API.  I will improve its features by reducing bottlenecks later on. Its play state algorithm in the interactive music class is an open nested loop […]

Playing From Resource (Visual Studio)

C++. If needed to play audio files from resource in Visual Studio (not to directly provide audio files), process would be a little bit different.  When upload files to resource, firstly you create .rc file, […]

Melody Analyser (slow single line)

Matlab. I developed a melody analyser that detects frequencies with their attack time. It only works with slow passages in which the notes are separable from each other. I wrote its algorithms by taking reference […]

Smoothing Power Spectral Density

Matlab. Having influenced by signal smoothing algorithms like moving average algorithm, I experimentally developed a smoothing algorithm for total of power spectral density. My purpose was to smooth delusive sharp variations in the graph so […]

Pitch Detection by Harmonics

Matlab. This is my pitch detection algorithm. It takes mono wav. file as an input, and checks its fundamental and next three harmonics. Firstly, a threshold value is determined after finding the maximum peak by […]

Parabolic Peak Interpolation

Matlab. I applied interpolation technique to the spectral peak based on fundamental frequency after FFT was taken. It is basically to find a better estimation of the peak by using the max spectral bin (of […]

Hamming, Blackman, and Blackman-Harris

Python. This is my implementation for some of windows used in audio applications. I chose Hamming, Blackman, and Blackman-Harris window functions. Instead of using FFT pack, I directly applied DFT since the DFT size is […]

Discrete Fourier Transform

Python. This is my DFT implementation to test a wav file. It only accepts mono wav files with 44100 Hz sample rate. I used 32 floating point (with max 23 mantissa) in the range -1 […]