Melody Analyser (slow single line)

Matlab. I developed a melody analyser that detects frequencies with their attack time. It only works with slow passages in which the notes are separable from each other. I wrote its algorithms by taking reference […]

Smoothing Power Spectral Density

Matlab. Having influenced by signal smoothing algorithms like moving average algorithm, I experimentally developed a smoothing algorithm for total of power spectral density. My purpose was to smooth delusive sharp variations in the graph so […]

Huge Multiplication

C++, Matlab. This was one of the assignments in the algorithm course I took before. Inputs are two big integers like 60 digits each. I implemented traditional multiplication method into my algorithm. Multiplication stage takes […]

Digit Fifth Powers

C++, Matlab. This is the Problem 30 from Project Euler. Question: Surprisingly there are only three numbers that can be written as the sum of fourth powers of their digits: 1634 = 1^4 + 6^4 + 3^4 + […]

Numbers on Spiral Diagonals

C++, Matlab. This is the Problem 28 from Project Euler website. Question: Starting with the number 1 and moving to the right in a clockwise direction a 5 by 5 spiral is formed as follows: 21 22 […]

Pitch Detection by Harmonics

Matlab. This is my pitch detection algorithm. It takes mono wav. file as an input, and checks its fundamental and next three harmonics. Firstly, a threshold value is determined after finding the maximum peak by […]

Parabolic Peak Interpolation

Matlab. I applied interpolation technique to the spectral peak based on fundamental frequency after FFT was taken. It is basically to find a better estimation of the peak by using the max spectral bin (of […]

Largest Palindrome

Matlab. One of the assignments inspired by Project Euler in the Matlab course I took before . I made some simple mistakes while trying to write an efficient algorithm. There were two inputs; digit number of […]

Huge Addition

Matlab. This was an interesting assignment in the Matlab course I took before. Its inputs and output could be very large, in fact, larger than representable number in Matlab. Solution can show its output with […]

Circular Primes

Matlab. This was one of the assignments in the Matlab course I took. I developed an algorithm to find total number of circular primes under a positive integer as input.